The Road to a Non-Profit

Every once and while, life hits you in an ironic way. How so? Well, for instance as explained on my personal site, founding a non-profit can come from a genuine place.  When you find passion in helping others despite your personal struggles, it only makes sense to put that best foot forward.

We Event Organization came to fruition while networking with others in this over information stimulated society we all live in; and despite all the similar organizations already doing great work, the belief that everybody should get the chance to attend the event of their dreams needs to be fulfilled. As explained on the organization website, the way it works is by a community forum nominating or applying a person for an event.  Instead of choosing just one, or the nominee or applicant having such extreme circumstances, this organization is dedicated to providing as many positive experiences as possible.

In order to establish We Event Organization as a legal 501(c)(3), the proper paper work needs to be filed, however, the cost is around $500 to accomplish this. This is where you come in as caring and wonderful individuals. Please donate here:  Hopefully, the community can unite to help others attend their special event!

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