Is Cryptocurrency a joke?

Despite your thoughts on how good or bad 2017 was, many people are optimistic about 2018.  With the uncertainty of the global political climate, the world is waiting on some hope in the form of a stable economic state. Enter cryptocurrency, which has been around since 2009, or longer.  However, despite the stock market characteristics of yesteryear, many in technology and investing decided to bring this new way of money trading to the forefront of the world in 2017.

Bitcoin saw a HUUUUGE (read in Donald Trump’s voice) increase in the second half of 2017. This in turn made the entire cryptocurrency world wake up with alternative coins.  Many attribute this phenomenon to the distrust of centralized banking systems throughout the world. The distribution of wealth seems to finally bother those who may not have the weatlth the top 1% boasts with lifestyle choices.  Is the human race really happy?

Now despite theories on this being the future of the world of money, many may be apprehensive of something so different to the norm.  The internet is glorious for it’s humor in the form of a meme. Enter Dogecoin: a meme (joke) turned cryptocurrency coin that seems to be a little engine that could. In 2014, Dogecoin became the 3rd largest digital coin, and as of January 2018 so far, has a great market-cap.

What does all of this mean for BB Media Industries? Not much, except I (Brooke Brown) have a weird feeling about this intense phenomenon, and love humor. Thus, as a joke, I have begun to “invest” in Dogecoin.  It may not make me a lot of money now, but if something happens to other coins, it may actually pay off.

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